North Natomas Charitable Recycling

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Please note that all donations will temporarily be stopped. They will continue accumulating and I will make a big donation instead of smaller ones. In addition, the Kidney funds will not be donated to; the United Way will be donated to instead. Thanks!

Please use the form on the right to contact me. In addition, you can use the buttons on the bottom right to view the spreadsheet containing the donation and recycling statistics, as well as view the receipts. Or, you can view the flier to share with other people. Thank you!

HELP ME DONATE UP TO AN ADDITIONAL $45 to the charity of the month! You can earn cash back from your online purchases through many major online stores! Join eBates through this (click) link, and make a $25 subtotal or more purchase! For each person who does so through June 30th, I will donate $15 up to 3 people. For each person thereafter, a $3 donation will be made. You will receive your choice of a $10 gift card or a $5 cash back bonus, PLUS a percentage of your purchase back as cash back! Groupon gives 8% cash back! it's a little, but it ends up giving a lot! You can view their video here (click).

Hi neighbor! My name is Jacob. I’m 22 and live on Serenata Court near Northborough Park. I have Asperger’s, which sort of means that I have a ton of great ideas but sometimes social situations are more difficult for me. I’m a great recycler, however, and I’d like to ask for your help with recycling. 
I’d like to recycle as much as possible in our neighborhood! With the money collected by recycling, I will donate 60% of the collection proceeds to Autism Speaks and a 2nd charity which changes monthly. 
Plastic CRV containers and aluminum cans ONLY. NO 
GLASS! I’d prefer to have them pre-sorted. 
You can contact me at ANY time! I take the recyclables to a recycling facility on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month.
It’s best to e-mail me at marjac1991 [at] today 
to sign up or request more info! Alternatively, you can use the "Contact Me" form on the right of this page!
Please include your physical address for which to pick up the recyclables.

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